Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to fill a Hot Tub?
Our tubs take between 60 and 90 minutes to fill depending on the size you have selected.
How long does it take for the tub to heat up?
If the tub is filled with cold water it can take around 8 hours to reach the optimum temperature, alternatively we can warm fill your tub from a tap inside your home and the tub should be ready within the hour. We always deliver and fill our tubs the day prior to the hire starting to allow for filling and heating
Does the tub need refilling?
The tub shouldn't require refilling during your hire, a small top up may be required if a large amount of water is splashed out of the tub however this is unusual.
Can I hire a tub during cold weather?
Of course! Our hot tubs are a premium quality tub with sturdy sides and temperature control, ideal for all seasons.
Can I change the water temperature?
Yes, our tubs have built in temperature controls for your enjoyment.
Does the hot tub come with a cover?
All tubs from T4 TUBS come with a thermal cover, the cover should be place over the tub whenever it is not is use, this will maintain the temperature and keep the running costs low.
How will the tub reach my site?
At T4 TUBS we are masters in placing hot tubs in hard to reach places. If you have any concerns regarding access or suitability for placing a hot tub in your place of choice please call or email us for a swift response.
Are the tubs expensive to power?
Our tubs are relatively inexpensive to run, we can give you tips on how to keep the costs low.
Can I add products like oils to the tub?
When your tub is delivered and installed we will treat the water with a small amount of chemicals to ensure the health and safety of all users, it is important not to add oils, soaps, bubble bath or salts to the water.
Will I be responsible for filling and 
draining the tub?
The tub will be filled and treated by a T4 TUBS specialist and we will take care of draining the tub when collected.

Will you deliver a tub to my house?
Due to rapid expansion T4 TUBS are now covering all of Yorkshire and Lancashire. We have deliveries in the following regions most days, if your home town is not listed please give us a call to discuss.


Are your tubs safe for children?

Our tubs are safe for children to use and make for great kids party ideas however all children should remain supervised by an adult whilst using the hot tubs.

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