20th April 2017

Beautiful Buxton

We've all heard of Buxton water and I should have assumed that Buxton would be a beautiful part of the world. Add a little sunshine to this stunning scenic view and that's a real weekend plan. Some people ask me what I like best about my job and I say "Job?" Have a tubtastic weekend wherever your tub may be!

8th April 2017

Deighton Lodge

At T4 TUBS we're lucky enough to see some truly beautiful places however rarely is anywhere more spectacular than Deighton Lodge in York. Placing a tub in their grounds, bathed in glorious sunshine with breathtaking views of the local scenery and one of Yorkshire's most stunning wedding venues just to hand it hardly seems like work at all. Visit us at www.t4tubs.com to take your special event to the next level.

You lot love your Hot Tubs!10,000 Facebook Likes
We've gone from strength to strength since we launched and 2017 has been no exception so far! It's fair to say everyone loves a good nose around on Facebook and that's OK with us, nose around our page all you like. Look what you've done, you've reviewed us, shared us and most of all you've LIKED us and you've told everyone just how great we are. To have such an amazing fan base has put a huge smile on everyone's face a T4 TUBS. Thanks again and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Facebook competition - you've got to be in it to win it!

24th March 2017
A tight squeeze for Mother's Day, T4 tubs making your event extra specialAccess all areas!
You've got tubby joking! If we can make it happen at T4 Tubs then we will but it was the tightest of tight squeezes today! If there's a hen-do quaffing Prosecco to keep entertained or a Mother sorely in need of spoiling then stand aside and let T4 Tubs take a look.
Coming through.....  

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